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Android Development • iOS Development • Kotlin • Jetpack Compose • Coroutines • SwiftUI • Swift • RxSwift
Senior Mobile Software Engineer

I'm András

Freelancer • Contractor • Consultant
I help companies design and implement
clean, scalable, and maintainable mobile apps
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Senior Android Developer

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Android X, Kotlin, Coroutines, Firebase,
Retrofit, Glide, LiveData & more.
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“We only get to play this game one time…one life.” – Gary Vaynerchuk
Who am I

I’m András, an enthusiastic 25 years old Mobile Software Engineer with a rich professional background and experience both in executive and managerial positions. Apart from the professional side, I have a pure and genuine passion for digital content creation, with a particular emphasis on drone photography. The inner drive I have for becoming better at practicing my profession every day and the thirst for exploring innovative technology in the field of photography are the two characteristics that essentially define me.

What I do?

Mobile Software Engineering

From complex delivery systems to complex mobile apps and simple one-page presentational websites, I can cover all. If not alone, then with the help of amazing collaborators and friends. Developing new software and features daily is my caffeine for the day. 

Creative Aerial Photography

Photo & Videography helps me to tell the story that I can’t tell in any other way. I am passionate about traveling and capturing amazing moments from different perspectives so I can give back to people

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