András Ferencz | Digital Entrepreneur | CEO | Software Engineer | Photographer

This is a true story
about an intensive journey

I was never a top student, I never got the best grades. I always had something else on my mind.
You never know what tomorrow will bring. You always do what you can’t.



I’m András Ferencz from Transylvania (Romania), and I’m currently the CEO of Affarit Studio.

I fell in love with the world of software programming in 2014 and I started learning Visual C#, Android and Web Development, while working as a freelance Android, iOS and web developer!

I founded Affarit Studio in the summer of 2016 and since then we have continued to develop our techniques and abilities in every way. Affarit Studio is now a full-service web & mobile development company.

My love for photography convinced me to start taking photographs in 2010. At the very beginning, I was capturing everything around me, just so I can get used to it. I worked hard to create my own vision of life and to share it through my photographs.

In recent years I began specializing in landscape, art, stock, and drone aerial photography to be able to capture and share my passion on a higher level.

My biggest project in this field was the “Castles of Transylvania” – I had 6 exhibitions and I published my very first book titled “Eternal Stones”.

  • 2016   ·   Founder & CEO @ Affarit Studio.
  • 2016   ·   “Castles of Transylvania” book was published
  • 2015   ·   Freelance Web & Mobile Developer.
  • 2015   ·   iOS Intern @ Reea Inc.
  • 2015   ·   Web Dev. Intern @ Reea Inc.