András Ferencz | Digital Entrepreneur | CEO | Software Engineer | Photographer

Affarit Studio
a creative agency from the heart of Transylvania, Romania.

I felt in love with the world of software programming in 2014 and I started learning Visual C#, Android and Web development. I was working as a freelance Android, IOS and Web developer! I founded Affarit Studio in the summer of 2016 and since then we have continued to develop in every way through techniques and abilities. Affarit Studio is now a full-service web & mobile development company.
Our experience shows that it is not always easy to keep up with the changes in online technologies and trends, but most of today’s projects need the flexibility and information flow, as well as the values that are based precisely on these adjustments. Our mission is to help Romanian companies use effective online communication and for them to have not just a modern web page, but a more functional visual identity too. Starting even from scratch, we build a structure that contains all the details needed nowadays to have a successful online presence: Design & Branding, Webshop, Website, iOS & Android apps, Photo & Video, Social Media.
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