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[HU] do what you can’t – Presentation at Dinamit Conference March 8th 2019

Do More.

I had my first tattoo done on my wrist with this “motivational bullsh*t” in December 2018.

In January last year, I decided that it’s time to go full time with @Affarit Studio.

It was a scary decision. I never thought that in less than 12 months this idea will grow waaaaaaay bigger than expected.

After founding the company we had our first “FAILURE”, losing the Romanian startup nation project. I think that this was the biggest motivation for me, to show myself that I am capable even without any funding.

I think everything went even better this way.

Since this day last year, we wrote more than 100.000 lines of code, helped out more than 100 brands, managed a bunch of social media profiles, failed a few projects, lost a few friends and slept only 5-6 hours a night for a whole year.

And it was worth it.

I managed to bring together around my vision and idea partners, co-workers and friends who believe in it, meaning, at least for me, that the “idea” that I imagined wasn’t actually that bad.

The last 365 days were about HUSTLE. Was about getting everything together, getting out of my comfort zone and understanding people.

Working with people for people is one of the hardest things ever, but it’s amazing at the same time because everybody’s different.

After reading, working and learning a year, I can say that I am happier than ever, and I will continue to build this little empire with the best people around.

It’s amazing to see how things get together if you have faith in your dream and surround yourself with the best people.

Do what you can’t.

This next podcast in Hungarian is about my journey and failures that I presented at Dinamit Conference in Targu-Mures in March 2019.